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Pink Boy

This painting is one of the most optimistic works of Miro Misljen. Maybe its optimism lies in artist expression of happy male figure, childhood happiness and passion for life and because this is not auto-portrait but rather someone artist would like to see.

73 x 60 cm

115 x 82 cm with frame

2.300 €


My world in my hands

Painting came as a combination of two T-shirts as a lining for much needed and appreciated bread. Artist sees the need for bread as a metaphor for gold since for him bread is difficultly earned. As Misljen painted this work in 2018 , he realised that he won’t compromise and that he only wants to work as an artist. Being an artist,  he is prepared to suffer hunger, if needed. He sees it as motto “My World are my hands” as a comfort on one side and as motivation of the other.

120 x 80 cm

138 x 101 cm with frame

2.800 €


Self Portrait

This work was painted in 2016 and is one of the most personal and therefore one of artist favorite. Painting talks about much needed psychotherapy due to the constant feeling of melancholy that is leading him to depression. The man has open eyes and sees the World sufferings , ears that hear the torment but mouths that are unable to speak up. He has snake around his neck that symbolises lost friendship that started suppressing him.

140 x 90 cm

4.000 €


Men's Health

Painting made in 2019 is showing frustration that artist is experiencing realizing that he constantly worries about his physical appearance and choices he needs to make where on one side he is looking at served hamburger he wants to eat and would engage him in pollution of the World combined with birds who are dropping their waste while flying and on the other side he sees quiet vase with flowers portraying peace he is actively searching for.

97 x 100 x 2 cm

Mixed and collage on wood

2.600 €


Everything is black

62 x 85 cm

2.300 €


Night cry

195 x 115 cm

4.000 €

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